Reviving My Artistic Skills

Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk © Jenn Nash, 2014

by Jennifer Nash

I loved to draw, and did so all the time, 30 years ago. Last winter I made an attempt at reviving my skills with some herb drawings. That didn’t last long. As soon as we started up the greenhouses in March, play–time went out the window.

I made a decision this January to set aside Friday nights as ‘my time’ at the drafting table, no matter what priority needs attention in the office; at least until I start making the Richmond Hill run to pick up Joel, on Friday nights, in Spring.

Thankfully, my life–long best friend Julie Drummond, a wildlife photographer, is willingly offering up some beautiful photos for subject matter. Last week, my focus was on drawing eyes. Julie had a nice raptor head shot that fit my needs. Here is my pencil crayon version of Julie’s Red Shouldered Hawk.

6 thoughts on “Reviving My Artistic Skills”

  1. I always liked your drawings of animals…the bunny you drew for me a million years ago went to university as well as watched over all three of our babies… It is still keeping Anna company 🙂

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